The gold we have on earth comes from the fusion of two neutron stars. Fantastic energy that we bring back to life for you!

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They brought me rubies from the mine,
And held them to the sun.
I said, they are drops of frozen wine
From Eden's vats that run.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Grand Cru

HOXXOH Grand Cru contains a hint of the prestigious 1907 vintage, Jönköping champagne. Ordered by Tsar Nicholas II during the First World War, it spent 82 years at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

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Saphir demi-sec

The word saphir comes from the Greek 'sappheiros' meaning "blue".
Saphir enhances creativity and inspiration, and is the stone of positive change.
We've included a 0,45 carats sapphire, cut in a Champagne drop shape, on each label. You can watch it sparkle to the music beat.

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